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La Saint Antoine [Antwunh]

Saint Antoine, Waffle

No guys, it is not a cocoa waffle! It’s made of cinnamon! when you taste it, it’s just like a mix between La Perle and a… cinnamon bun. This waffle comes from a city in Belgium called Verviers. Actually, I did not know this waffle before coming in Winnipeg (my bad). Thankfully, Eric, a dear friend of mine, gave me the idea and the traditional recipe. And above all, his grandfather -a baker named Antoine- used to deliver this waffle in town by… horse carriage. Awesome, isn’t it?

La Perle

La Perle, Waffle

This waffle is named by the specific pearl sugar that can only be found in Belgium. It stands the cooking heat and confers this dough-based waffle a very unique character. Winnipeggers who tried it simply love it. In Belgium, the waffle is called la “gaufre de Liège” named by the city where it is comes from. If down the road, you find yourself in Belgium, just ask for “une gauf au suc” (tentatively translated as “suga waff”), and you’ll be considered as genuine Belgian.

La Bruxelloise

La bruxelloise

Sprinkle a bit of icing sugar on top, close your eyes and taste it. That’s it! You are in the center of Europe. Made of genuine ingredients (pure butter!) according to an authentic recipe, this waffle is light, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It allows you to eat it with sweet or savoury toppings. No doubt, it will ravish your taste buds!