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Food venture (coffee shops, restaurants,…)

As owner of a food venture, you may be interested in offering your customers something new, yummy and authentic. In this case, the waffle “La Perle” is THE product you are looking for.

Perhaps, you have the desire to add the classic waffle (“La Bruxelloise) in your menu or to add the Belgian touch in your waffles. Just call us, the waffleman is never far away!


Private parties or corporate events, every occasion can become a wafflevent! We bring everything the waffles, the toppings (according to your taste), the waffle iron and … the waffleman of course! Satisfaction guaranteed!


Or maybe, just like me, you want to have a stash of waffles in your freezer ready to reheat for any occasion? No problem. We deliver fresh waffles at your (Winnipeg) door.